Prof. Dr. Heiko Motschenbacher

Professor of English as a Second/Foreign Language

Dept. of Language, Literature, Mathematics and Interpreting - English Department

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Inndalsveien 28, 5063 Bergen, NORWAY

General Editor: Journal of Language and Sexuality (JLS)

Research Areas

English linguistics, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis

Focal points:

  • Language and gender; language and sexuality
  • English in Europe; English as a lingua franca
  • Structural description: e.g. relativisation, personal nouns, pronouns, grammatical gender, coordinative structures (binomials), proper names and their grammar; corpus linguistics
  • Linguistic dimensions of inclusion in ELT; linguistic representation in EFL teaching materials; critical applied linguistics; language and normativity
  • Pragmatics: politeness; compliments; intercultural communication
  • Contrastive linguistics and language typology with focus on English and European languages
  • European language policy; European multilingualism; language and national identity; language and Europeanisation
  • Advertising language; language in the media; language in pop music; critical discourse studies

Current Projects

  • “Linguistic Dimensions of Inclusion in Language Teaching and Multilingual Contexts”: Panel / Special Issue
  • "Corpus Linguistics in Language and Sexuality Studies": Panel / Special Issue
  • "Historical Dimensions of Language and Sexuality": Panel
  • "Linguistic Dimensions of Sexual Normativity (LIDISNO)": Marie Curie Global Fellowship in collaboration with Florida Atlantic University (William Leap, Michael Horswell) and Goethe University Frankfurt (Manfred Sailer)

Source: Hanks, Patrick (2003): Dictionary of American Family Names. Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 626.